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Photo: Marcio Madeira/FirstView.comEclectic. In truth, every season is eclectic for Anna Sui. She doesn’t do minimal. Ever. Which is why she is a great case study for one of the emergent ideas from New York because she has been doing it for years. Some might call it layering of textures (viz Jason Wu). Others called reaching into the closet to find something to wear without bothering to switch on the light (that would be Rodarte). Whatever way you look at it, it’s about putting things on to create little clashes and contrasts, like this look on Kasia of plaid meets psychedelic swirl chiffon under ocelot fur. One other thing. Way before moncler outlet jassen contemporary became a buzz word, Sui was making affordable cool clothes. She still is. Another reason to pay her attention as we head into fall. 

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“Usain Bolt is all about charity,” charismatic Olympian Usain Bolt cheerfully explained to us at a fund-raising event recently. The charities in reference were the Zeitz Foundation and the Zoological Society of London, which are working together to conserve the habitats of cheetah and African wild dogs, and the evening’s event was a dinner and auction held at the London Zoo, of which Bolt was the host.Bolt’s preposterously endearing attitude over the summer captured the world’s attention as much as—if not more than—his hypersonic speed, and of his warm reception in the Olympics’ host city, he told us that “just being in London, it was wonderful. The crowd was amazing. I really enjoyed the people here—they really showed me a lot of love. The energy was really good.” At one point in the evening he jumped onstage to rally support for a certain sentimental auction item (his electric-yellow jersey from the Summer Games). The extra push helped—the garment sold for £31,000 ($50,000).Beyond Olympic achievements, we asked Bolt about his other high-profile race in 2012—that time he sprinted against Prince Harry during the prince’s Diamond Jubilee visit to Jamaica—of which he says the prince is far more down-to-earth and relaxed than others in his position. “He’s a really a fun person, so for me it was an experience that was not what I moncler kids expected—because he’s royalty,” Bolt told us. “And he was really cool. So for me, it was a lot of fun.” 

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Photo: Liam Goodman Randi Mates was on her way to getting a Ph.D. in material culture––i.e. the history of objects––when she decided to shift gears and be a jewelry designer instead. Naming her line Aesa, after a Greek personification of destiny, Mates drew from her museum experience (she’d worked at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum), her training in classical Greek and Roman metalworking (she’d taken classes at moncler kids milano the obscure Jewelry Arts Institute in NYC), and her work on scholastic publications (for Yale University Press, the Princeton Architectural Press, and the Smithsonian) and launched a collection of what she calls “antiques of the future world.” Says Mates, “If I were to succeed, you would not be able to tell what time period they come from,” talking specifically about the Ancient Tongues and smaller Little Laurels necklaces seen here ($445 to $625; Made of bronze—oxidized and enameled—they are about the most compelling pieces I’ve seen in a long time—aggressive, organic, primal, elegant. “The shape recalls a flower in some ways, but all together they look a lot like an articulated spine,” she says. “They’re sculptural but sensual. And modern, though that is a nebulous term to use, I know.” 

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The economy may be stuck in a slump, but luxury brands are still shining.Interbrand released its 12th annual ranking of the best global brands on Tuesday, and while Apple’s ascension into the top 10 may have been the biggest headline to emerge from it, the strong performance of luxury brands is also worth noting.All seven luxury brands that appeared on last year’s list saw their brand values rise this year, with Burberry posting a whopping 20% gain – the fifth biggest gain in all of the 100 brands on the list. Louis Vuitton came in at No. 18 with a brand value of $23.2 billion, followed by Gucci (No. 39, $8.8 billion), Hermes (No. 66, $5.4 billion), Cartier (No. 70, $4.8 billion), Tiffany (No. 73, $4.5 billion), Armani (No. 93, $3.8 billion) and Burberry (No. 95, $3.7 billion).Interbrand derives its results each year using three key components: financial performance, role of brand and brand strength. Without getting into the nitty-gritty details, “financial performance” is determined by analyzing how much of a company’s earnings a brand generates, “role of brand” is a measure of how important a brand is in customer purchasing decisions (i.e. – if a customer buys a BMW, how much of his decision was based on the fact that the car is a BMW) and “brand strength” refers to a measure of 10 internal and external factors that range from how protected a brand is in legal terms to its reputation amongst customers in both traditional and social media. moncler handbags At the end of the day, the final dollar figure that determines the ranking represents how valuable a brand is as an asset within an organization.If your head’s spinning, don’t worry – the report is intended mainly for the CEOs, CFOs and CMOs of the world, though consumers generally take interest because it involves the brands they buy everyday, says Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s global chief executive officer.Frampton says luxury’s strength this year is the result of a number of factors, not the least of which was a conscious effort by the brands to leverage themselves as trusted names amid the global economic turmoil. Frampton explains that luxury brands have fared well during the recession because consumers have grown increasingly drawn to authenticity – and for companies in the luxury arena, authenticity is in their DNA.“If you have a very distinctive offering…people are still prepared to pay for it, even if you might be in a downturn,” he says.Frampton says luxury brands have put a lot of emphasis on differentiating themselves and engaging customers. He says Burberry has devoted particular attention to its digital presence, creating a unique user experience on its website and also introducing a service for customers who want to create their own customized Burberry wear. He notes that this sort of differentiation is especially important in the luxury world, where “brand” tends to represent a heavier role in consumers’ purchasing decisions.Of course, the main reason luxury brands have seen such strong performance this year is demand from China. China’s appetite for luxury goods has been insatiable, and businesses across the whole spectrum of luxury have benefited. However, concerns emerging in the last few months that China’s economic growth is slowing has worried retailers. Just last week, shares of Coach, Tiffany and Ralph Lauren plummeted as fresh data on China’s manufacturing activity fanned worries that its growth won’t be sustained.But Frampton isn’t worried, arguing that even if China’s overall gross domestic product does sputter, the percentage of luxury consumers is very small relative to the rest of population and it’s unlikely those customers aren’t just going to stop spending.“If the luxury sector constituted all of Chinese GDP spend, then I think these luxury companies would have something to worry about,” he said.

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You’ve probably noticed that Jenna Lyons’ notorious picks have been conspicuously absent from J.Crew emails and catalogs for the last year. Maybe she needed some extra time to develop a new foulard print on Italian-milled silk?In her place, the store featured products chosen by the creative director’s right hand lady and head stylist, Gayle Spannaus. Like her predecessor, Gayle favors creative color combos and mixing feminine elements with boyish ones. But sometimes, a girl just needs to know: WWJD?  (That’s, What Would Jenna Do? for the non-Jenna-obsessed).Fortunately, as quietly as they left, Jenna’s picks seem to have reappeared on J.Crew’s website, complete with endearing off-the-cuff quotes like, moncler limited edition women I’m changing this to my ‘couldn’t-resist list.’ Clearly, I’m having trouble picking. Something tells us we will, too.

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Example of an old person.Hundreds of thousands of Japan s most senior senior citizens are AWOL! The BBC reports that more than moncler quincy women 230,000 elderly people in Japan who are listed as being aged 100 or over are unaccounted for, officials said following a nationwide inquiry. Your gut feeling the feeling that suggests that among the missing, the dead probably outnumber the merely misplaced seems highly accurate, as the Japanese government also said that some of those unaccounted for may have died as long ago as World War II. Still, perhaps senior-trackers are going about their search in the wrong ways. Have they tried simply knocking on front doors at a louder volume? In any event, let s hope this lost generation re-appears before the third Monday of September, when Japan will celebrate the 44th annual Respect for the Aged Day.

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Photographed by Elizabeth Lippmanfunction getGalleryClick(p_sSlug, p_sCategory)try harrods moncler women _xGallery.historyLoad(‘/’ p_sCategory ‘/’ p_sSlug ‘/1′);$(‘#gallery_link’).val(); catch (e) $(‘#overlay’).fadeIn(400);$(‘#overlay’).show();» SEE THE SLIDESHOW «$(document).ready(function()$(‘#image_link_to_slideshow’).click(function () getGalleryClick(‘rochas-fall-2011-preview’, ‘gallery’);););After his intensely personal spring collection, inspired by his mother’s homeland of Sweden, Marco Zanini of Rochas was mulling over what to do for fall. The word chic kept leaping into his head, specifically, what it means now. So, he Googled for images of chic, and what he saw made him realize that the time was right for the most overused term in fashion to be rehabilitated. Which brings us to the temporary Rochas showroom in the Marais in Paris, where Zanini is showing where chic lies now in the fashion landscape (according to him, somewhere on the return trip from Eastern Europe; take a look at the Astrakhan hats that accessorize the collection). “It felt like chic had become obsolete,” said Zanini, “so I want women to feel inspired by this collection—that it could be good to wear navy blue again, to not look too extravagant. I live in Italy, the most vulgar country in the world—thanks to the government—and all the blogs pushing women to wear ever more extreme things and look like clowns. It’s time for some quiet sobriety.” His Rochas collection is all that, and yes, it is utterly and absolutely chic; more a wardrobe of the most exquisite, soulful clothes than a collection chock-full of references and inspirations and thematic explorations. There are his always impeccably cut jackets, now with the ability to be worn looser, or hourglass. A Stig Lindbergian cherry motif used for jacquard knits is used on the reverse side because Zanini prefers it that way. A Bucol print of flora with tiny figures of children nestling­­—almost hidden—in it, has been updated, but not too much, because, as he says, “so many things from the twenties look modern now.” And to wear with this, he offers a slingback and a mule of such beauty and elegance you will wonder why you ever thought platforms were a good idea. Really, they are that good.

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From Wikipedia.U.S. Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens, 89, announced today that he will be retiring from the court this summer! He has sat on the bench for 35 years, since Gerald Ford appointed him in 1975. Jurisprudence spectators have been atwitter about Stevens s rumored departure since last summer, when he hired just one law clerk instead of his typical roster of four. As the announcement was made a full two hours ago, the homogenous body known as the Internet has already cast the characters in the nascent nomination narrative. They are, according to The New York Times, U.S. solicitor general Elena Kagan and federal-appeals-court judges Diane Wood and Merrick Garland. But who are these humans, and what makes them more qualified than an iPad? Solicitor General Elena Kagan Age: 49.Hometown: New York City. (Go home team!)Pedigree: A former dean of her alma mater, Harvard Law School, Kagan was also an associate counsel to President Clinton, moncler outlet münchen and later advised him on domestic-policy issues. Politics: A closeted liberal: although she told N.P.R., What my political views or my constitutional views are just doesn’t matter,” she did ban the military from recruiting on Harvard s campus because of her opposition to Don t Ask, Don t Tell.Fun Fact: Appreciates joy. At Harvard, she started providing free coffee in classroom buildings, and free tampons in the women’s bathrooms. On a lawn outside the student center, she added a beach volleyball court that doubled, during the long Cambridge winter, as a skating rink, according to the Huffington Post.Judge Diane WoodAge: 59.Hometown: New Jersey. Pedigree: Currently serves on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, having been confirmed unanimously by the Senate. She was also the third woman hired as a professor at the University of Chicago s law school. Politics: A legal scholar said of Wood s philosophy: I think she does believe that the role of judges, in part, is to ensure that the oppressed and the disenfranchised and dissenters get a fair shake in the political system, which would be a significant part of the moderate liberal element of Diane. But she s certainly not in any way result-oriented, according to The New Republic. She is also staunchly pro-choice. Fun Fact: She plays oboe and English horn. (N.B.: an iPad also plays music.)Judge Merrick GarlandAge: 56.Hometown: Chicago. Pedigree: Served as special assistant to the U.S. attorney general; supervised Oklahoma City bombing and unabomber trials. Politics: According to the A.P., he is well respected and considered least likely to engender significant Republican opposition. Fun Fact: Garland s grandfather-in-law was Samuel Irving Rosenman, a New York State Supreme Court Justice and a special counsel to Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman. iPadAge: Vanity Fair!

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When putting a look together, I like feminine, pretty classics. But being from the South, I also learned early on that every outfit works better with a touch of sass. So, what is sass? To me, it’s all about attitude—and a little bit goes a long way! Adding some to your look can be as easy as a pop of color on your nails, a bright bag or a bold shoe. It’s that unexpected piece that gives your whole ensemble a bit of flair. Just like pairing purples with yellows was all the rage a few seasons back, you’ll find that pinks—always pretty and never overdone—can be accented by yellows, golds and oranges as well. To keep things looking sophisticated and ladylike—and to go seamlessly from day to night—try a full skirt, floral pattern or classic cut moncler uk paypal like the Lilly Pulitzer Joslin dress in my collection. Turn some heads this summer, one pretty pink piece at a time. 

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This gorgeous and diverse Hawaiian island is the most perfect place too slow down, eat, relax—basically, do a lot of nothing, in the best way possible. (When you’re not following our Oahu shopping guide, of course.)EATAlan Wong’sThis famous local chef’s upscale Honolulu restaurant is fancy (there’s a dress code) and features prices to match, but treat yourself—the innovative Hawaiian cuisine and inventive drinks are that good, and you are on vacation, after all!1875 S. King St., 808-949-2526, alanwongs.comThe Beet Box CafeWalk to the back of Celestial Natural Foods store to find this funky little organic North Shore café serving delicious (and huge) vegetarian burritos, fresh juices and egg scrambles.66-443 Kamehameha Hwy, 808.637.3000, thebeetboxcafe.comLucky BellyBYO to this hip new downtown Honolulu Asian-fusion restaurant (expect a corkage fee), and bring a friend—the roasted beet salad, shrimp dumplings and tempura tacos are best shared.50 N Hotel St, 808-531-1888, luckybelly.comSushi SasabuneFamous for their Omakase, this small sushi restaurant is arguably Hawaii’s best.1417 S King St, 808-947-3800SLEEPThe Modern HotelLess classic beachside luxury and more, well, modern, this new hotel located in urban Honolulu features stylish, minimalist design, airy rooms, a cool bar scene and Morimoto restaurant.1775 Ala Moana Blvd., 808-943-5800, themodernhonolulu.comHalekulaniImpeccable service, insane views…waterfalls! This upscale hotel is classic Hawaiian luxe at its finest.2199 Kalia Rd, 808-926-8004, halekulani.comBEACH HANGIt’s kinda why you’re here, right? Find all locations listed here.Ala Moana BayEscape the hecticness of Waikiki at this expansive, pristine stretch of beach, which is just a ten-minute drive away.Ehukai BeachYou know that big final competition scene in Blue Crush—with the monster waves and all those really important surfer people? Well, that takes place here.LaniakeaAlso known as “Turtle Beach,” this cove is arguably the best spot on the island to watch native sea turtles hanging out.LanikaiPicture the prettiest beach you’ve ever seen—then multiply it by a hundred. That’ll kind of give you an idea of how mind-blowingly beautiful this Winward Coast spot is.Waimea BayBeloved by the world’s most expert surfers for waves that reach up to thirty feet during the winter, this North Shore spot is way calmer during the summer, when the water is crystal clear water and perfect for swimming.Yokohama BayLocated on the Leeward (west) coast, this pretty, curved beach features turquoise waters dotted with dolphins.OTHERDiamond how to spot a fake moncler vest Head TrailFor a mere dollar, take this beautiful, postcard-perfect two-hour hike to the summit of Diamond Head crater. Then have zero guilt about being a lazy-ass beach bum for the rest of the day.Diamond Head Road at 18th Ave, hawaiistateparks.orgRent a CarOahu’s diverse beauty is sometimes best seen from the roads, which trace the coasts, duck inward through lush, mountainous patches (think of the landscapes from Lost and Jurassic Park, which were both filmed here) and past local landmarks like Pearl Harbor and, further north, the Dole Pineapple foundation.Enterprise Car Rental, 94-1299 Ka Uka Blvd., 808-676-9495, enterprise.comGet off the Island!You’re too close to Kauai, Lanai and Maui (my favorite neighboring Hawaiian islands) to miss visiting at least one of them. Flights are super short, and—if booked enough in advance—super cheap.More on Luckymag.com50 Travel Essentials Under $50Get Your Winter Break Wardrobe at The Webster MiamiThe 25 Best Dressed Stars of 201210 Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear in 2012 How to Get Shiny Hair